Thursday, November 21, 2013

Team Speak 3 portable single .exe

Enjoy a completely new experience in voice communication using TeamSpeak 3's unmatched functionality and powerful new features.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Portable Norton Security Scan

Norton Security ScanNorton Security Scan is a Free Anti Virus Scanner made by Symantec. Norton Security Scan is typically used to ensure your PC is protected from common threats. It does so by scanning your computer and identifying any viruses, worms, spyware, adware or trojans if they reside on your PC. This Portable Norton Antivirus scanner tool is included in the Free Google Pack and the resulting installation directory can be

Free Hide IP – Surf Anonymously Online

Free Hide IP - Browse AnonymouslyFree Hide IP is a tool created by CoolwareMax. It can be used to hide your real IP address and secure or anonymize your IP address for web surfing, email, forum activity etc, all with a single click. Although not a portable application by default as it requires installation, Free Hide IP makes for a great tool to carry on a portable device.

Floola – iPod Manager

Floola ScreenshotFloola is a FREE stand alone portable tool that can be used to manage the contents of your iTunes capable iPod or Motorola mobile phone. Floola can be run directly from an iPod and can be used to manage your artwork, podcasts, smart playlists and notifications. In addition, a user can search for lost or duplicate files, videos, copy and extract, export an html list and much more . This software can also repair your iPod if another software messed it up. Floola requires roughly 17.6MB for completely portable installation.

YamiPod – The stand alone portable iPod manager

YamiPod is a FREE stand alone portable ipod manager that allows you to manage the content of your ipod without even having iTunes installed. This allows you to copy your mp3 and ACC files to and from your iPod. You can also remove duplicate song entries, import or export playlists etc. This program can be installed and run directly from your iPod. This program is under 4100kb.

Google Hacks – Advanced Google Search

Google HacksGoogle Hacks: Although you can type search filters or search strings right there in Google Search, "Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search and map services." It can be used to perform Advanced Google Searches for music, applications, tools, books, view a map or time line, and perform many other specific types of searches.

Google Hacks Screenshot:

Avast – Virus Cleaner and Worm Removal Tool

Avast Virus Cleaner is a FREE virus and worm removal tool that can be installed to and launched directly from a portable USB device. This is a nice tool to have available for those extreme situations when you might encounter an already infected computer. For many common infections a virus or worm can be removed quite easily using this Portable Antivirus tool. Avast has a solid reputation for outstanding antivirus software.

Make Laptop a WiFi Hotspot – mHotspot

mHotspotmHotspot (VirtualWiFi Router) is Free Portable Software that can be used to Setup a Wifi Hotspot on your Laptop. By creating a WiFi Hotspot, other wireless users/devices can piggyback and share your current Internet Connection and or LAN Network. Typical uses include; Internet Sharing, Multiplayer Gaming, Mobile to Laptop (AirDroid).

Free Registry Cleaner – Registry Recycler

Free Registry CleanerRegistry Recycler is a Portable FreeRegistry Cleaner. It can be used to quickly clean and optimize your Windows Registry in an attempt to help improve your Notebook or PC performance. Registry Recycler supports the cleaning and optimizing of  Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 registries, and also includes defragmentation and automatic registry backup features.

Portable Disk Cleanup – Drive Tidy

Drive TidyDrive Tidy is a Freeware Portable DiskCleanup Tool that can be used to quickly and easily remove unnecessary files and files no longer used by your computer in an effort to de-clutter and free up disk space. Drive Tidy is much more powerful than the Windows Disk Cleanup Tool.
Drive Tidy – Portable Disk Cleanup

WinMerge – Folder Compare Freeware

WinMergeWinMerge is an Open Source Folder ComparisonFreeware tool. This portable differencing and merging  tool can be used to visually compare differences or changes in folder or file versions in a format that is easy to understand. WinMerge can then be used to merge or sync those changes.