Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hosting services to never pay for.

I know often times you will be in the market for a good suitable hosting service, this can often become a very difficult decision since most claim to offer such great services.. This is actually not the case on many of them.  I know, Because i purchase them to test and then expose.  Over the past year i have moved around from host to host looking for a new place to call "home"  I was banned form a hosting company for no apparent reason, and when contacting them and asking for information they said they they could not tell me why, although i had paid for and used their services for 2 years. So with this in mind, it brings me to my forst hosting company to bash, and that is

(Byethost.) I was a part of their services for 2 years, from having their free servers to the highest paid server you can get from them..  They have amazing uptime, but horrible customer service.  They will reply to you very quickly, but there is a solid 80 percent chance that they will not be able to help you with your problem...   Also keep this as a side note, Byethost is only a reseller to the Ifastnet company.  So when submitting a ticket, they have to then in turn contact IFN. And once you have a network that is fully grown, if they see one thing they don't like, they will ban you with no warning given and no response as to why given,  So overall i would give this host a rating of 7 out of 10.

Next, we have what i think is the shittiest host you can waste your money on.... And that is

(HostBlast) Now when i say that this is absolutely the worst hosting you can buy i mean it in every way possible.  Horrible uptime, support is never online, and you will have to wait over a week for a ticket reply sometimes longer. And they flat out take your money.  And ill explain right here, right now..   This was the second host i bought after Byethost had rudely banned me.  Seemed ok, site looked legit, and customer testimonials looked ok (although now i am convinced that they were completely fake) I purchased a plan for a solid year paid for in full.  It came live a day after i bought it, and i immediately started transferring my sites. I got everything moved and all was well, about 1 month into it i noticed a (500 internal server error) being caused at a very high rate, almost every other reload.  Thinking that it was my scripts causing it, i took some time to start looking into them.  After finding nothing, i contacted support to ask about it, Of course i got no reply on that.  While on their site trying to get support i refreshed their page and BOOM 500 internal server error on their own site...   So right there i knew that it was an issue on their end.  It was continuing to do so, but slowing down on some days so i really paid no mind to it.  So long as my sites were accessible, and live i could live with it.. A couple days later is where i ran into my nest problem, which begins the downwards slope with this host company.. The next problem was very low amounts of resources. they claim to be all unlimited, which even a novice host purchaser will know that no company will truly be unlimited.  However nothing about how limited the resources are was or is posted on their site.  So this error starts popping up, now keep in mind that at this time, my image board at this particular time was really getting some hits.  It only took 2 days of this before they suspended my account..  Furious i contacted them, and told them about the email that i received saying that it had been suspended and to ask for it to be re-enabled.  Taking more than 2 days to reply to the ticket that i had submitted, i actually caught them while they were online in the live support box.  This is a rare occasion, Example: this past week they have not been online one single time.  I told the guy what was going on, and he then told me that he was only a tecinal guy, and could not help me with abuse.. This sorta pissed me off, because the abuse department is non existent.   We discussed my issue and he managed to get my account unsuspended which was cool.  However he then told me that i would have to move my image board, because that was the site that was using up all my resources.  He suggested that i purchase a VPN from them, why wouldn't he?  I agreed and bought one, He told me that it would take a day to become active, Which it did.   Expecting an email Monday with the information to the plesk panel and all that stuff it never came....  Tuesday, never came, and Wednesday still never came...  Getting fed up i searched and found the next host i will talk about..  But let me finish here first.    I send in a support ticket and get no reply for a week nothing, send in some more, still nothing.  These guys has literally stolen money from me and i can not get in touch with them, so please do not give your money to them..  Also the regular servers are down ao i paid for one whole year that i only used for 2 month max..   These are the biggest crooks online and if i cant get my money back, the least i can do is write about it and keep anyone else from getting robbed. So i give these guys a 0 out of 10

Now let get on to the third and final company i will write about, I have only little to say about these guys.

(GenHost)  I purchased a server with these guys, it was activated immediately! I quickly uploaded my image board script to it and waited for my DNS to update so i could start working..   It finally did and sadly i got into my admin panel on the board and it was riddled with errors,  Errors that were not there on any other host..  I searched in my script high and low trying to find what could be casing these issues and after a solid day, I realized that it is the server.  This thing must be outdated.   Tried moving another one of my sites over, moved it and once the DNS updated, it will not load the index page but shows the entire index of the site.  And there is nothing that can be done about that.  So the servers are live and have good uptime, however they are just outdated or not configured right. i give these guys a 4 out of 10, only because they have fast support replies, and at least decent uptime.  still do not buy.